Teenagers and Selfies -What Parents Need to Know

Teenagers and Selfies -What Parents Need to Know

One of the famous schools in Dehradun, Ecole Globale says that while some teens would ne’er post a selfie on Facebook, others can’t appear to resist posting selfies on Instagram at least three times per day.

For parents, complete selfie development may be a bit perplexing. Why would you want to require fifty photos of yourself standing during a bathroom, and so select the one that you think makes you look best and post it on your profile so individuals will give you feedback?

Well, in some cases, it’s only harmless fun. But for other teens, selfies will be part of a much deeper rooted problem.

Selfies and Self-Worth

For some teens, their self-worth is hugely dependent upon the feedback they receive from their selfies. The additional likes, hearts, or positive comments they get, the good they feel.

If some teenager attracts negative attention — or worse yet, no attention at all — her self-esteem might plummet. She might declare she’s ugly and unloved if she doesn’t get the response she hoped for.

Often, the need to get a surge in self-esteem becomes addictive. Teenagers become obsessed with taking attractive selfies in an attempt to gain positive attention from others.

Teens with psychological state problems are also at an especially high risk of turning into obsessed with selfies. There are reports of some teens spending hours every day, attempting to take an ideal selfie that would help gain accolades from individuals on social media.

Unfortunately, the hunt for the right selfie will become thus severe that it interferes with a teenager’s social life and education.

Selfies and a Teenager’s reputation

Although most teenagers aren’t likely to develop an obsession with selfies, other dangers exist. If teens aren’t careful regarding the type of pictures they share, a selfie may ruin their reputation.

Many teenagers are sharing scantily clad photos for the whole world to envision. Others expect that the selfies they’re sharing can remain non-public if they send them to just one or two individuals. They don’t understand that selfies may be shared with the world once they’re out there in Net.

A teen who shares a partially nude photograph with a boyfriend, for instance, is also surprised to get that he’s shared it together with his friends. Or worse yet, if they break up, that photograph may be posted on social media in the act of revenge.

Physical Dangers of Selfies

A common trend among teens is to require selfies that include action shots in the background. Teens are taking pictures of themselves in front of burning houses whereas standing beneath waterfalls, or whereas performing various stunts. Sadly, some teens have died attempting to take risky selfies that they thought would create them look cool.

Another danger of taking selfies that many teenagers unknowingly reveal their location. They don’t understand the street sign behind them or their house in the background might create it easy for a predator to search out their site.

Why you must ask Your teen regarding Selfies

Selfies may be a healthy manner for teens to express themselves. However, teens would like some guidance regarding what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Facilitate your teen understand; however, selfies will become problematic.

Monitor the quantity and therefore, the content of your teen’s selfies. Whereas there isn’t a set number of selfies that signals your teen might have a problem, you must make sure that your teenager’s picture taking escapades aren’t interfering with real-life. If your teenager gives up time with friends or isn’t able to get chores done because she’s busy posting selfies on Instagram, it may signal a problem.

Have frequent conversations together with your teen regarding the risks of selfies. Ask some questions about social media and what your teenager cares people who post selfies.

Educate your teen regarding however selfies may be viewed by future employers or college admissions offices as well. Your teen must acknowledge that something that will appear to be a harmless prank now may become a severe problem later on.

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