Is Democracy The Best Form Of Governance?

Are democracies great? Although the ongoing debate regarding this issue is not a significant concern at the moment. The main focus in any democracy is that the majority want a leader to take the final call and unite people accordingly. The global rise of authoritarian regimes are simultaneously declining has the people have the power despite being suppressed.

World war 2 is an excellent example of why Democracy is a much better form of governance that any other form. It unites people and speaks volumes about them and their identity and of their sovereign.As everyone knows that India is a democratic country and teachers of school in Dehradun teach their students regarding democracy that it is the best form of governance. One can express their freedoms and rights and travel and express their beliefs to any part of the country.

Democracy is a form of government where the nation citizens determine the countries policies and elect their representatives through direct voting or form a combination.

Furthermore, in a democracy, since the people have the power, they should be in a position to elect their leaders and political parties based on the votes. When given the rights the oppressed and marginalised sections of the society who will come forward and vote for their politicians who can provide them with benefits and not crush them and put an end to oppressive based policies. Some people argue that Democracy is insufficient when it comes to equality because the focus ends up only with majority section will ultimately overpower the minority, and this is one of the most significant flaws in our country. The importance of the Democracy we live in also needs to be looked at with a broader lens and its possible alternatives. There are other systems of Democracy such as theocracy, autocracies and monarchies, which are comparatively worse when it comes to equality and voter suppression rises. Therefore they exclusively allow one person or a group of people to set policies and govern the country accordingly. Only Democracy will enable people from all groups concerning their religion, belief,class, sex, creed etc. Not only does a democracy allow its people to have a common say but also inherits a flexible based system. There is a justice system that is in place to ensure that the policymaker to violate any of the laws. Elected Representatives receive incentives from the government to maintain their position and power in the party and the government. They appeal to the public opinion to remain in power and shed their popularity. Although they are many who critique politicians in power for their authenticity, and they are free to do so. It also functions as a necessary check on everyday citizens by electing officials every year on election days which takes a considerable amount of time to declare the results. If the officials in power depict any unethical behaviour, they can be reprimanded and be punished as per the law. Overall, Democracy gives more power and freedom to the citizens and also mandate politicians to act in favour of the people to remain in power.

Finally, living in a democratic country is vital, especially with what’s going on in the world these days. A popular example of Belarus and their authoritarian regime, To determine the validity of peace in a democratic nation will only lead to its prosperity and growth. There is an lt violence that is still prevalent, and mass migration has begun, especially in war-torn regions like the middle east. Innocent people suffer the most and therefore migrate to places where they can be safe and ensure that children have a bright and secure future ultimately.They can express their grievances and conditions freely with disturbing the peace and harmony of the foreign nation and its people. This is the only reason why so many countries are now turning democratic.

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