Indian Role In The World’s Scientific Revolution

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3 min readFeb 8, 2021
Indian Role In The World’s Scientific Revolution

Indian civilization is one of the oldest ancient civilizations in the world’s history. India is significantly rich in terms of resources and culture. Indian heritage is deeply diverse, vivid, and vibrant. The Indian believes, and traditional customs always have proved to be at par in terms of efficiency and applications. The value strong system and virtues of hospitality reside in every Indian heart. Our culture is labeled as the aptest and advanced world-wide. Many people across the globe are trying to adopt Indian culture.

We Indians have been equipped in every aspect- science being the favorite subject. We have always been ahead of our times with respect to scientific research and advancement. Many concepts are proven to be Indian gifts to the world. There are various instances where India proved its scientific proficiency and excellence in the world. Here are certain exceptional experts who conferred unimaginable offerings in science and technology.


Whenever ancient science is being discussed, it becomes inevitable to not to take the name of famous Indian mathematician Aryabhata. He is the first person to find about the glory of zero through his tireless efforts in the field. He was the one who figured out the placement of zero in the number system. It was only after the invention of zero that science could progress further. Aryabhata’s invention completed the numeric symbols menu. Teachers of the boarding schools in Dehradun teaching new inventions to their students so that get familiar with their country's inventions.

The atomic theory

Kanad, an Indian scientist suggested that atoms are further made up of smaller particles called “anu” long time before the famous Dalton theory of atom got published. In his theory, Kanad was indicative of the fact that atom can exist in two states either in an active motion or at rest. He also spoke about the mono, dia, and triatomic molecules.

The science of medicine

Ayurveda is one of the ancient ways of ailment and disease treatment. This also was first found in India. Charaka, most popularly known as the father of Indian medicine, had formulated an ancient script that had contained remedies for every health issue. His book also gave us the idea of immunity and digestion in the human system.


During the Anglo- Mysore wars world’s first iron-casted rockets were employed by Tipu Sultan to demolish a larger chunk of soldiers from their way. These rockets had a powerful impact and a wider range. This haunted Britishers for a long time, and it was one of the epic failures for the English soldiers.

Binary number systems and Fibonacci series

Old scripts are the evidence of the fact that the binary number system was prescribed by the ancient Vedic scholar Pingala. He described the formation of bits and bits using various 1 and 0 combinations. Our entire latest computer technology is based on these primitive principles that India gave to the world.

There are ancient traces of Fibonacci numbers and series appearing in ancient literature scripts of mathematician Pingala.

The Raman effect

The phenomena of light scattering according to its wavelengths when white light passes through a particular material was introduced to the world by Indian physicist Dr C.V. Raman. He was later awarded a Nobel prize. Many other theories were formulated where the Raman effect was the base for it.

The Missile man

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, was an exceptional personality. His contribution in the field of science and defense is valuable not only to Indians but also to the whole world. He developed ballistic missiles and launch vehicles that strengthened the defensive capabilities of the country. Earlier we were dependent on other nations for the supply of missiles, but sir Kalam came up with a way that made India independent.



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