How to prepare your child for private school Interviews?

Ecole Globale
3 min readJan 25, 2021
How to prepare your child for private school Interviews

To all the parents reading this, I know you all dream big for your child, and you all want your child to have a good education so that he or she can prosper in life, but for that, you don’t have to freak out, spoil your sleep okay?

Yes, private schools are definitely tough choices and sometimes not our cup of tea, but for our children, we do go out of our comfort zones, right? , we do try hard to put up our children in the places each parent dream of. And this kind of boarding schools in Dehradun does have certain norms for admissions and interviews are part of them, genuinely cracking interviews are challenging but not impossible to stay so calm, focused and your child will get into the school you always dreamt for.

Now here are some tips that’ll you prepare your child for the interview:-

The very first thing is:- Research about the school, reach out to that particular school, observe the environment, observe how they function, observe how the take-up interviews, whether your child can cope with the environment or can go through their selection process, is it completely professional or they are a little bit of familiar; therefore every titbit you are needed to research about.

The second thing is never going to interviews unprepared, that is very much of unprofessional behaviour, or I would say no one would like such kind of behaviour so make your child prepare of the interview scheduled. Now, in this kind of interviews, they ask general questions, all they see is the communication skills of the child, whether the child is nervous, confident, sometimes children are nervous, but they answer all the questions correctly, just a tendency in their age I’d say so try to build confidence in the child. Now talking of questions, generally private institutions ask general questions like What you like to do in your past time? , because when a child gets into a school or an institution, it is very much crucial for the teachers to know a child’s tendencies, his or her interests, etc. Then the next question might be about family or the last thing the child did maybe the cartoons the child prefers to see or the books the child prefers to read, etc., so try to prepare a child accordingly.

Likewise talking of nervousness, never over coach the child out of nervousness, it generally never balances with the previous hardworking you’ve done to get the child to prepare for the interview. I know part of human tendency it is, being a parent we always want the best for our kids but sometimes this over coaching spoils up everything. So let the child have a sound sleep so that the child delivers the next morning profoundly in his or her interview.

For an interview in a private school or anywhere, dressing up appropriately is very important because that makes the very first impression on the candidate. Therefore, especially in the schools like the private ones try to make your child dressed up in a shirt buttoned up with full pants because few of the schools might not like the t-shirt things and the impression might go wrong for the following, so try to keep this in mind and make your child reach the destination accordingly.

Now, this is important for you people, the Parents. Never stress out much, because if you parents stress out in front of your kids, they might stress out too and then the entire dream might get flushed off so focus on that one big dream, and surely you’ll see it coming towards you.



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