How To Educate Your Child To Stop Bullying (Yourself)

We voraciously work to stomp out bullying in school. We don’t accept harsh words, criticism, or taunting in our school rooms. We have a policy for cruelty and harmful behavior. But guys, the reality is, we enable all of it into our internal dialogue.

That’s right. The negative self-talk, the self-criticism…we’s bullying ourselves. And it’s not ok. If you wouldn’t enable it in your room, you shouldn’t enable it in your mind. It’s time to require a stand, build up your self-esteem, and show yourself some compassion.

Self-talk isn’t all bad

Most people check with ourselves. This self-talk could be a constant, streaming narration, and we’re sometimes totally unaware that it’s even happening. Healthy self-talk is predicated in reality. It’s a helpful critique to assist us in improving, in preventing poor choices within the future and inspire us to succeed in goals. Bullying self-talk distorts reality. It exaggerates the results, makes irrational statements, and warps any potentialities for growth. Here some tips are given below by the best boarding schools in India for self-talk.

Write it down

The first step to ever-changing bullying self-talk is acknowledging that it’s happening. Recognizing once normal, even useful, criticism is popping toward unnecessarily critical will assist you to end it.

Start tracking your thoughts to start ever-changing your negative self-talk. Record all your thoughts and what happened as honestly as possible. Once you build a habit of this, you’ll begin to note some patterns. Does one tell yourself certain things over and over? Do certain thoughts arise owing to similar circumstances? Does one bully yourself for having difficult emotions?

Make the change

Once you’ve recognized you’re complete of negative self-talk and you’ve known specific patterns, it’s time to make some changes.

Here, some ways are given by one of the best boarding schools in India, Ecole Globale in which to urge started:

  • Separate yourself. Try to separate what you are doing from who you’re. Once you build a bad selection, it’s not proof that you are a bad person. Reframe what happened by evaluating all the factors of the incident. It is ok to feel what you are feeling. You can’t perpetually control your feelings. What you’ll control are your responses and reactions to your feelings. Don’t choose your feelings, acknowledge them as something you’re experiencing — not who you are.

You are in control

The things you enlighten yourself are powerful. And also the best part is, you are doing have control over what you say. You get to make your mind up if you’re going to bully yourself or be kind and gentle to real feelings. Therefore build the choice these days to get into the habit of changing your inner dialogue — and put an effort to end the bullying once and for all.

This article is submitted by Ecole Globale International School



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