How the Brain Makes Movements Happen With Motor Planning

School in Dehradun says that motor designing, control, and motor coordination are three related terms that facilitate describe what’s happening in your kids’ bodies and brains (and your own, too) to form movements happen. Everything from the tiniest wave of a finger to a way more difficult sequence of events needs planning, control, and coordination. They’re all inter-related, and they’re all important.

What Is Motor Planning?

Motor designing is outlined because the ability to prepare the body’s actions: knowing what steps to require, and in what order, to complete a specific task. For instance, a motor plan for obtaining dressed would come with steps for putting on socks — including knowing this comes before stepping into shoes; putting shoes on the proper feet, and so on. A motor plan for striking a baseball would want to incorporate steps for standing within the correct position in the batter’s box, holding the bat at the proper angle (and interesting it with the right amount of force), waiting for the pitch, swinging the bat at the right time, dropping the bat to run to first base, etc.

Difficulty in motor designing is known as dyspraxia. Youngsters with this condition have normal strength and muscle tone but struggle with the design and coordination necessary to use their muscles.

What Is Motor Control?

Motor control means that the flexibility to use your muscles for a specific task, like swinging a bat or moving a toothbrush across your teeth. Fine motor control needs small and precise movements, like those necessary to write with a pencil or fasten a button. For gross control, we have a tendency to use large muscle groups to do things like jump, run, or ride a motorcycle. A baby who is struggling with control can have trouble with actions like grasping a pencil or pushing the pedals on a motorcycle.

What Is Motor Coordination?

Motor coordination is the ability to use multiple body parts for a specific action. For instance, dribbling a basketball means that using your arm and hand to bounce the ball whereas your feet and legs move you around the court. It’s necessary to be ready to use either side of the body at the same time (this is termed bilateral coordination). Several skills youngsters use for school and fun need bilateral coordination. Cutting a piece of paper means that holding scissors in one hand and paper in the other. A player has to hold the bat with each hand and use them along to make it swing toward the ball.

All of those skills are connected to every alternative. “Someone who has motor planning difficulties can have a tough time with motor control, and an individual who has motor control problems won’t have the building blocks for motor coordination,” says Meghan A. Corridan

If you’re involved about any of your child’s motor skills, check with your paediatrician or school district a few referrals for occupational therapy. It will build an enormous distinction in your child’s talents and confidence — and it’s usually fun for them, too, most of the reputed Indian boarding schools are using the best skills for their campus students.




Ecole Globale boarding school is one of the India’s largest girls boarding school in Dehradun. Ecole Globale provides world class education for all kids.

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Ecole Globale

Ecole Globale

Ecole Globale boarding school is one of the India’s largest girls boarding school in Dehradun. Ecole Globale provides world class education for all kids.

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