How Procrastination Can Hamper With Our Efficiency

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4 min readJan 30, 2021
How Procrastination Can Hamper With Our Efficiency

What does one mean by procrastination? It’s just a phenomenon to delay the work that is given to you. Most folks fall within the trap of procrastination because it’s the simplest thanks to getting to obviate the work. According to the researchers and speakers, they assert that nearly 95 percent of the creature procrastinate to some extent. It should give some comfort to understand when not alone.

Teachers in boarding schools in Dehradun make their students proactive in their approach so that they will not become a procrastinator. And will not stop till they achieve their goal.

Procrastination is full of life over the growing process within which we try and choose to try something else rather than the task that you just know we must always be doing. In contrast, the delay or laziness of doing work suggests inactivity and a lack of willingness to act to try and do.

Procrastination generally involves the ignoring of an unpleasant, but likely somewhat more important task, within the favor of 1 who is that’s more to celebrate or easier. But giving in to the current problem we will have more serious consequences that we face within life. For example, allow us to take, even minor episodes of procrastination can make us feel guilty or ashamed. It can result in reduced productivity and cause us to miss out on achieving our aim or goals. If we procrastinate over an extended period of our time, we are able to sometimes become demotivated and can lose interest to try and do the work, which can result in depression and or perhaps result in job loss, in most of the extreme cases.

Tips for a way one can develop to beat procrastination without losing many efficiencies:-

Point 1: — It is important to acknowledge that he or she is processing

Sometimes it would be difficult to place off a task because you wish to reprioritize the workload. If you’re delaying a bit a little bit of time for a very important task for a good true reason, then we don’t seem to be necessarily procrastinating. However, if we start to place things completely off then indefinitely, or by switching focus because we would like to avoid doing something, that we probably are.

As time passes by, we may additionally be procrastinating if we:

1) Full fill the day with low-priority tasks.

2) Leave an item on your To-Do list for a protracted time, while it is vital.

3) Read emails several times over without making a call on what to try to do with them.

4) Start a high-priority task so burst off to create a coffee.

5) Fill it slowly with unimportant tasks that people ask you to try and do, rather than mature with the important tasks already on your list.

6) Wait to be in the “right mood” or expect the “right time” to tackle a task.

Point 2: — Try to adopt the strategies to not procrastinate

By making procrastinating a habit, it deeply grains with our behaviour. That means that we cannot be able to speak or talk it the whole night. It is good to make habits for a good cause, but some of the habits are not good for a bad thing just like if a person who wakes up in the morning has a good habit but when a person who has adopted a habit of smoking cigarettes, is not good. So, it is necessary to stop the habits we are avoiding by practising them, so there are many strategies that can help a person to succeed in his life.

So here are few tips:-

1) Mistakes are made to be corrected so by forgiving themselves for procrastinating in the past. It means that studies can help to feel more positive about self and most likely to reduce the habit of procrastinating in the future.

2) Make targets and try to achieve those targets that you are making to get rid of procrastination.

3) It is very, very important to reward yourself for doing correct things by achieving the targets in life.

Procrastination is just the habit of delaying an important task, and it is somewhat different from laziness, which is the unwillingness to act. The first step to overcoming procrastination is too able to recognize that you’re doing it. Then, try to identify the reasons behind your behaviour and use appropriate strategies to manage and overcome them.

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