Fun activities for a family get-together

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3 min readJan 29, 2021
Fun activities for a family get-together

Family get-togethers, having meals together, and sharing stories sounds fun, right? It is.

We feel happy meeting our extended family and spending time with them. It feels good when you laugh together at silly things, meet your cousin’s, and discuss life, it eventually becomes a good day. There can be various fun activities for family get-togethers that will make everyone smile.

Fun activities mean a lot, for those students who study in boarding schools in Dehradun. Though teachers and administration staff take proper care of students and never make them feel nostalgic by engaging them in group activities.

Antakshari can be fun and competitive sometimes. Antakshari is usually played in India where the first person sings a song, and then the other person has to sing with the last letter of the previous song. It is a friendly yet competitive game, and it makes you feel happy from the heart. You sing your heart out.

Dumb charades are the real fun you are missing if you haven’t played it at your family gatherings. Family members can go crazy, explaining a particular movie to you. Dumb charades is a game between two teams where one has to give the movie name and the other team has to guess. Only hand actions are allowed, and no verbal communication is allowed.

Cooking together is a really fun task to do at family gatherings. You can set up a barbecue on one side and cook food in the kitchen. Explore recipes together, learn new tricks about cooking, bake together, and eat food together, have a sip of wine, and have fun. As they say, the family who cooks together stays together.

Set up a pool party for kids. At family gatherings, pool parties can be fun for kids. As most kids like to play and have fun among their age, you can set up a pool party for them while the adults enjoy and communicate. Keep a stock of their favourite snacks and drinks aside on the terrace or in your backyard and let them have fun. It’s important for an adult to supervise them too because kids can be really naughty sometimes.

Bonfire at terrace or backyard. Bonfire is a really great option to bond together, have fun with drinks and good food. The warmth of the fire, marshmallows, drinks, and a lot of gossips. Creating a circle, sitting around and with good music, you will feel the vibe and calmness and a sense of belongingness which we often forget when we work. So it’s important to rejuvenate.

Do yoga together. A family that does yoga/meditation together stays fit. It can be fun to do yoga and meditation together as a family. It gives you inspiration, and you introspect and learn. Having done yoga together, all can sit and have tea/juice/coffee, and it will be a happy feeling.

A small getaway. To all the sudden and unplanned late-night trips, you feel happy with the thought of it. A weekend getaway with your family after a really long time is all you need right now. Car/train rides with home-cooked food, snacks, and a lot of fun. Planning this suddenly is the most fun.

Pyjama parties sound fun right. Arranging a small pyjama party at family gatherings is worth it. You dance your heart out, lip-sync songs, stay up late, and you don’t fear judgment. You just dance and feel the music. Pyjamas are the most comfortable we are in and having said that no one really cares about what you do and you just dance and enjoy.

Family gatherings are themselves lots of fun but to make it more interesting, and you do everything. Playing UNO, tombola, monopoly, giving random challenges, and having real enjoyment is the target. Meet your family often, and arrange fun activities to make it more memorable.

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