Five ways in which the reading habit has enriched my life

Ecole Globale
3 min readMar 28, 2020


#1 Improved communication skills

Let us get obvious out of the manner. Reading improves communication skills. Once practiced systematically, it enhances one’s ability to speak effectively. school in Dehradun implements best practices to improve the communication skills of the students. It may be either orally or in writing or both. In my scenario, I communicate better in writing than in speech. Communication is a necessary life talent in all walks of life. So, it’s a no-brainer that all of us ought to develop this talent.

Reading additionally builds a powerful vocabulary. A minimal vocabulary is indeed sufficient to attain simplicity in communication. However, an expanded vocabulary has created me greatly appreciate literary beauty in all its nuances. I know that ‘happy’ isn’t applicable after I am feeling ‘euphoric’ and ‘sad’ doesn’t cut it when I am feeling ‘agonized.’

Even in today’s world, where text editors and grammar application will write for us, and expanded vocabulary may be a valuable talent to possess.

#2 Expanded horizons

When you read, mental horizons are expanded each virtually and figuratively. After you read any story, it takes you on the far side of the confines of your time and area. It helps you understand lives numerous times in history (and future) and different places around the world (and beyond). The life and daily functioning of the students in the boarding school positive and communication significantly helps to build relationships to know about top boarding schools in Dehradun. All of this may be achieved as you relax in an armchair within the comfort of your own home.

By reading these stories, you’ll be able to live experiences that you just wouldn’t within the course of your own life. By discussing your reading experience, you’ll be able to expand your thinking horizons more. This has been very true for me ever since I joined this outstanding book club — Bring Your Own Book, Bengaluru chapter. Even supposing I even have been reading all my life, I even have only recently begun deliberately discussing my reading with others. Within the last 2+ years of being a part of this club, I even have greatly expanded the diversity of reading subjects and thoroughly enjoyed the discussions about the books in the club.

#3 Active imagination

“Imagination is more necessary than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

I will safely say that reading has exclusively contributed to my heightened sense of imagination. Whenever I read, I will vividly imagine photos in my mind. The story runs as a series of pictures in my brain. This experience is extremely liberating. With the mind alone as my canvas, the sense of freedom to vividly paint on that is exhilarating.

In today’s world of sensory overload, kids and grown-ups alike are deprived of opportunities to exercise their imagination. The constant activity appears to be the norm. Reading will facilitate break from these shackles and let your imagination take you places.

#4 Improved tolerance

By reading stories from around the world and every one time in history, I even have developed tolerance towards a large range of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It may be variations in background, lifestyle, culture, traditions, practices, habits, and then on. I could or may not agree or approve; however, I’m undoubtedly tolerant.

I have learned over time that this quality of tolerance has formed my life considerably. It’s helped me be empathetic, kind, and compassionate towards individuals and situations. In the troubled times, we live in, tolerance may be a premium quality to possess.

#5 Immersion as second nature

I can be oblivious to the world around me after I am reading a book for hours at a time. This laser-sharp focus till I complete a chapter or the whole book has evidenced to be a virtue. As a result of this can be a ‘muscle’ I even have developed over an extended amount of your time, I will extend an equivalent focus in alternative activities.

Whether it’s a project at work or a project at home, I will focus for long periods of your time until the work is complete. This has served me well in both skilled and personal lives.



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