Five Smart Ways to Use SMART Boards in the Classroom

In this modern era, digital smart Boards are on a roll taking over K-12 lecture rooms. The powerful visual tools have revolutionized the way lecturers run their lecture rooms, as well as however they handle simple record-keeping tasks, interact student interest, demonstrate complex data, assess learning, and prepare students for a progressively digital world.

Knowing what’s new and what’s useful for schoolroom instruction are some things we should keep in mind whenever we create a syllabus or are just simply chatting with students. That’s why if you can snag a smart Board for your classroom (which is awesome!), we would like to assist you in creating the most of it. you may use it to:

1. Improve classroom management

SMART Boards within the classroom at the elementary level are improbably useful for start-of-day routines such as taking attendance and lunch count.

For example, before class every day, a primary grade teacher may post large, colourful icons marked with individual student names. The board may additionally show pictures of the day’s lunch decisions. Then, instead of looking forward to rolling call and lunch count or checking in on a magnet board or pocket chart, the students may use their fingers to guide their icons to their lunch decisions. Once the record-keeping is complete, the teacher may report attendance and lunch counts.

This method additionally helps young students become comfortable with the bit process that’s becoming so vital in using Wi-Fi digital tools, like computer notepads and e-readers that some schools are adopting for educational use.

2. Minimize the necessity for eyes on the back of your head

As you well know, lecturers usually jokingly say that it takes some years to develop “eyes” on the rear of their heads so that they will find misbehaviour when facing away from students. Smart Boards change schoolroom management by minimizing the number of time lecturers ought to turn their back to the class to write down on dry-erase whiteboards or chalkboards.

By connecting a pc to a SmartBoard, you’ll stand face forward and attract student attention to a specific topic by sharing PowerPoint displays, software lessons, or interactive websites with the whole class in one sitting — and you may do that before students begin a small group or independent work on the same topic.

3. Provide educational and digital learning

During SmartBoard lessons, you may facilitate students to gain digital and presentation skills by offering them turns to manipulate the equipment. Consider this practice because of the digital age equivalent of going up to the blackboard to resolve a problem.

4. Build motion into preschool lessons

Young kids have short attention spans and respond higher to instruction if it includes movement and hands-on action, such as obtaining up to answer a question or demonstrating the way to use a tool.

Not surprisingly, preschool students relish touching smart Boards to answer queries and participate in lessons. They additionally respond well to the colorful graphics that are much easier for a large group to look at on a large screen.

Using electronic pens to circle things or moving virtual objects with their fingers, kindergarten students will sort things on a SmartBoard to point out what they know about a specific subject. As an instance, you may ask them to separate objects that need electricity from those that don’t.

And the main advantage of using the Smartboards in the best residential school in India is the ease of teaching even a problematic topic in an easy way. There are several boarding schools, more info is given here, for instance, Ecole Globale, where teachers are using digital technology to teach their students and clarify their doubts.

5. Multiple-choice tests

If you teach elementary or higher grade levels, think about asking your students to demonstrate their information by taking multiple-choice tests with the assistance of smart Boards. They may additionally participate in interactive test review sessions before the ultimate test near the conclusion of a learning unit.

If your school has the proper software and instrumentation, students may even reply to queries on the screen by using individual, hand-held remote clickers that record their answers for later review and grading by the teacher.

Waking up students with smart technology

A good reminder: the target of using a smart Board isn’t to require traditional book learning, active experiences, or paper testing away from students. Instead, they’re designed to stimulate and interact students up by adding selection to instruction, getting them moving, and providing ways to reply to queries.

Especially in one-computer lecture rooms, smart Boards are smart decisions; as a result of they quickly give an enormous picture of learning. Connected to computers, they provide whole-group access to colorful, educational websites, powerful assessment software, and teacher-made materials tailored to a class’s needs. Enjoy yours!

Clay Shirky, Ciarra Jones, Rob Mackenzie, Dina Ley, Brett Bergeron, Todd Brison, Human Parts, Mikael Pawlo, Will Richardson, Frederick M. Hess




Ecole Globale boarding school is one of the India’s largest girls boarding school in Dehradun. Ecole Globale provides world class education for all kids.

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Ecole Globale

Ecole Globale

Ecole Globale boarding school is one of the India’s largest girls boarding school in Dehradun. Ecole Globale provides world class education for all kids.

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