Five Reasons to Incorporate Technology into Your Classroom

Technology is an omnipresent part of children’s lives. It’s clear. Most homes have connected computers or Internet-enabled devices. As costs of technology drop, computers and digital devices could replace TV as we all of us know that.

Ecole Global International School integrating technology into classroom instruction means more than teaching basic computer skills and software programs in a separate computer category. Effective tech integration should happen across the curriculum in a way that research shows deepen and enhance the training method. Specifically, it should support four key elements of learning:

  • Active engagement
  • Participation in teams
  • Frequent interaction and feedback
  • Affiliation to real-world specialists.

Think that integrate technology into the classroom can solely distract students and marginalise educators?

Think once more. Since students are already interested and engaged in technology, lecturers will harness that attention for academic functions. Incorporating the web, laptops, tablets and even smartphones into the information has several advantages for lecturers and students alike. Doon international school is the best example for improving the lives of students.

1. Engages students and creates active learners.

Using a laptop, tablet, or different device encourages self-reliant learning and creates an energetic participant within the learning method, instead of the passive learners found in an exceeding lecture atmosphere. Interactive lesson plans will facilitate turn “boring” abstract subjects like mathematics and science into fun, engaging, and academic activities for college students.

2. Encourages individual learning and growth.

No one learns within the same means or at an equivalent pace, however, technology will level-set the classroom. for instance, technology will offer accommodations for troubled or disabled students, and virtual lesson plans give individualized instruction for all. Students will learn at their own pace, reviewing troublesome ideas or skipping ahead as required to boot, access to the internet provides students access to a broad vary of resources to conduct analysis.

3. Facilitates peer collaboration.

In scientific research conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, several educators rumored that technology expedited peer collaboration. They noted that once students were assigned to little teams for technology-based comes, those students who already had certain laptop and technology skills habitually assisted less trained students. Peer tutoring, mentoring, and collaboration were the surprising results of technology integration.

4. Prepares students for the real world.

Technology is an integral part of how we tend to work and live, every day. Teaching students in the way to use technology to learn, research, collaborate, and solve issues from an early age can higher prepare them for their careers. It can even facilitate reduce the worry of the latest technology within the future by familiarizing them with the invention method for the new tool.

5. Creates a lot of engaged and successful lecturers.

Using technologies like virtual lesson plans and web resources will facilitate free up time — both in developing and delivering the syllabus. This enables lecturers to contribute more time with the troubled students, ensuring the entire class is better prepared for tests and advancement.

As a coach, integrated technology into the syllabus is essential. In different words, don’t simply add a bit of technology to a lesson arrange just because you’ll be able to ensure you understand:

  • How to use technology
  • How to train students on adopting the technology
  • How the technology supports your curriculum
  • What advantages technology brings to your lesson

An easy way to introduce technology is to initiate an attempt using a document camera to project textbook pictures on a screen or introduce an internet site per week that corresponds together with your lesson plan.

The point isn’t to let technology take over your classroom, however, to integrate it. Traditional teaching processes like lectures, writing papers, and analog testing shouldn’t be abandoned. Once combined effectively with the strategies you’ve used to, technology will assist you and facilitate your students.

Boarding schools perpetually remains at the leading edge of technology both in terms of the most recent pedagogical methods and conjointly within the use of computers and information technology for teaching. Many programmes at school integrate the latest developments and technology into the curriculum



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