Five Benefits of Having an International Pen Pal

Although electronic communication has “shrunk” our world, several academics still prepare international pen pal exchanges for his or her students, and with smart reason. according to the schools in Dehradun, If your tween has the chance to possess an international pen pal, it would be something for you and your tween to think about. A pen pal will do quite help your kid find out about the world around him. Below are a couple of advantages pen pals provide.

Hones Reading and Writing Skills

Perhaps most clearly, writing and receiving handwritten pen pal letters practices both reading and writing skills. Once tweens use email and text electronic messaging, they tend to rely heavily on shorthand languages known as ‘textese’ (such as LOL, 2moro, THX), fail to capitalize and punctuate correctly and write in phrases rather than full sentences. However, analysis printed in 2016, found that young kids who used textese oftentimes even have higher grammar skills.

Obviously, it’s far more fun to follow writing, whereas writing to a peer than writing an essay for the teacher! Additionally, most international pen pals are writing in their second language, putting your kid in the role of English “teacher” or leader. This role could naturally encourage the tween to put their best English skills on show.

Encourages Perspective-Taking

As adolescence approaches, tweens become more and more egocentric. Hearing first-hand stories from a world pen pal will encourage tweens to understand somebody else’s perspective and to think outside of themselves. This could be significantly true once the pen pal lives in an exceedingly politically unstable or economically challenged nation, or when the pen pal lives in very completely different circumstances as your tween.

Learning regarding such a pen pal’s daily plight will give some perspective on the “issues” the average tween faces, and provides your kid with a bit of perspective regarding what’s very necessary.

Promotes Patience

As they move away from childhood, tweens step by step develops their ability to delay gratification or stay up for a worthy reward. Since the delay of gratification is expounded to several positive outcomes, together with school success, encouraging this ability is vital. Text electronic messaging and IMs work against the ability to delay gratification — there’s barely any wait for a response.

In contrast, letters or packages from an international pen pal are often spaced out by weeks or maybe months. By having a pen pal, tweens will experience the enjoyment of anticipation and therefore, the probably more satisfying reward of obtaining something after a wait.

Fosters Interest in Social Studies

Having a pen pal can also encourage a tween to require a higher interest in social studies and history. Thanks in part to adolescent egocentrism, tweens tend to worry most regarding topics that have personal relevance to them. Having a pen pal in an exceedingly far-flung nation provides that personal association, creating the study of geography, world politics and world history feel less foreign, more meaningful and more deserve attention.

Supports Development of Social Skills

Finally, social skills are being actively developed throughout the tween years. Having a pen pal promotes several critical skills, together with reciprocation (a letter filled with all “me” and no queries doesn’t play a good pen pal relationship!), empathy and mutual concern.

It conjointly fosters the power to search for and realize common bonds, a key component of real friendly relationship. Introverted tweens could significantly benefit socially from having a pen pal. A pen pal offers them the time and space to seek out the correct words (they usually freeze if they need to speak before they think) and naturally promotes deep, less superficial relationships that introverts crave.


All in all, having an international pen pal will aid your tween’s development and maturity in some ways. If he or she is given a chance to begin such an exchange, commend your tween’s teacher and enjoy observing; however, your tween grows from the experience.

This article is contributed by the best boarding schools in Dehradun.




Ecole Globale boarding school is one of the India’s largest girls boarding school in Dehradun. Ecole Globale provides world class education for all kids.

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Ecole Globale

Ecole Globale

Ecole Globale boarding school is one of the India’s largest girls boarding school in Dehradun. Ecole Globale provides world class education for all kids.

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