Elevate Your Mind-The Importance of a Big-Picture Perspective

Ecole Globale
3 min readApr 10, 2020
Elevate Your Mind

Life will get overwhelming, particularly once you’re a strives. And you, my friend, are precisely that. You’re setting up the work to rejuvenate yourself. You’ve known that you want a reset. You want to maximize your life. You want to realize the best version of yourself, and you’re striving to do this. Bravo! However, here’s the thing: whereas constant effort is awesome, you’ll still get over-involved in your current hustle and bustle and quickly lose perspective. Introspection also helps in elevating the human mind by analyzing hidden potential. And the girls’ schools in India also follow this perspective. Ecole Globale, a boarding school in Dehradun, encourage their students to explore themselves. They motivate their students to elevate the mind and break the shackles of limited thinking.

So keep this one trick in your back pocket and pull it out from time to time, as needed.

Climb an imaginary mountain.

Seriously. Lace-up your imaginary hiking boots. Drink some nice, cold, unreal water. Enjoy the journey, the contemporary air. Take in the sounds of the forest. The birds. The rustling of the leaves. Notice the kinds of trees that surround you, providing you with an abundance of oxygen. Appreciate your heart beating, the sweat gathering on your forehead. Let the sensation of accomplishment wash over you from the effort you set in. Stop to fancy the view at the top. Have an imaginary picnic if you wish to. Heck, pour some imaginary chardonnay.

And then tune into your life and your current situation from up there. From this vantage point, you’ve got a wider lens. You’ll see an even bigger image.

“We got to learn to set our course by the stars, not by the lights of each passing ship.” — Omar Nelson Bradley

The thing about a big-picture perspective is that it doesn’t permit you to visualize any details, plus get wrapped up in them. And in the midst of life wherever each minute is packed like a will of sardines full of details and to-do lists, this is often a necessary shift.

It conjointly allows you to see how your life fits into the rest of the image. You’ll see that there’s more to the story. There’s a complete world around you. And you’ll currently see your place, position, and purpose among it.

This shift in perspective will cue you that you simply are part of a much larger plan. The plan isn’t for you to know. However, from the top of your mountain, you see that it’s there. Balance. Harmony. It’s all there. And it all works. And everyone is well.

Okay, but why did I even have to place on imaginary hiking boots?

Think of it sort of guided meditation. By visualizing the full experience of planning to the top of the mountain, you’re clearing your mind of the present moment and every one its implications and creating an area for an entirely new perspective.

Plus, guided visualization is awesome for stress relief, and it forces you to slow down.

So, after you begin to feel like you only want a break — from the constant striving, the hoopla of your lifestyle, just stop. Close your eyes. And take a hike.

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