5 Ways to Control Your Mind So It Doesn’t Control You

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3 min readApr 11, 2020


Okay. So you’ve given yourself a minute just to be. Amen to that! Currently, it’s time to start bringing some intention to what’s occurring upstairs.

Let’s kick today’s challenge off with some old-school inspiration from Buddha.

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one should initial discipline and control one’s mind.”

Truer words have not been spoken. And yet, the vast majority of us are tangled up in our racing thoughts and triggered emotions — virtually commanded captive by the inner dialogue of our minds. Add to that the investment into the well-being and success of hundreds of students you’re endowed in as an educator — intellectually and showing emotion — and you’ve got yourself a big ole bowl of anxiety stew.

Five ways in which to master your mind

Recognize your subconscious thoughts. Your thoughts are separate from you. Rely on it. Notice the voice of your thoughts. Notice how they ramble on. Currently, notice you noticing your thoughts. The very fact that you’re observing them implies that they’re separate from you. Let that sink in and steep for a few, as a result of this understanding is that the key to the whole current shebang. In this way to control your mind, you need to practice, and boarding schools like Ecole Globale encourage their students to do practice and understand the power of their subconscious.

Thank your mind for your thoughts. Gratitude, baby. It’s as necessary here because it is everywhere in life. Merely thank your mind for reminding you of these things; it ceaselessly tries to hammer home. Acknowledge what your mind is saying and appreciate the thought. And then, just like the last straggler at your vacation party, gently guide the thought out the door. Minds (like significant others, children, and everybody else on Planet Earth) tend to be ready to relax once they feel heard.

Let your thoughts flow. Imagine your thoughts as bubbles, floating through your consciousness. Some are bigger than others. Some are super iridescent and shiny. However, all of them easily pass, making areas for new thoughts that surface in response to everything from the weather to your mood to hormones and hunger. Accept them as they pass, so allow them to pop gently.

Coexist together with your mind. (No bumper stickers necessary.) Here are the deal guys: Your mind isn’t going anywhere. I mean, what number times have you thought you were losing your mind? Still there, though, no? But, all told seriousness, even with all the meditative practice within the world, you’re still unlikely to be unable to quiet your mind utterly. It might still be there, producing all its useful and not-so-helpful thoughts. Thus accept it. Hear it for what it’s worth. And learn to exist with its chatter peacefully.

Hear your feelings out. Have you ever teared up in the middle of a heated argument so gotten furious with yourself for letting the jerk you were going toe-to-toe with seeing you cry? Raise your hand if you’re guilty. The thing is, emotions are filled with a sage recommendation if we’re solely willing to prevent judging long enough to listen to them out. Feelings will tell us we’d like to rest. Or that we’d like to move on to greener pastures. By listening to their (sometimes a bit too dramatic) message, we can seek out the things that bring us joy, obtaining ahead of a downward mental spiral, i.e., controlling your thoughts.

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